Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Everybody say bad economy, but did anybody explain or know the reason?

From my personal perspective, the economy condition is everyone's contributions.
Let's take hypermarket and Malaysia as example as i believe everyone did buy grocery.

Imagine that all hypermarkets available in Malaysia did beat out all small or medium grocery shop with their "incredible prices". In other words, imagine they dominate the market with their stores almost everywhere in Malaysia. I believe there are few issues might become too hot that time:

1) The ONLY left: Manufacturer hardly to sell their product, for example, sugar, the only left buyer is those hypermarkets and when the hypermarkets offer a price together and the manufacturer MUST accept the price no matter how low is it, because there is no more buyer besides them.

Long term consequences: a lots of manufacturer might moved out from Malaysia or doing other business.

2) Too BIG to fail: It's hard to control the hypermarket when they're so big and the government can't even corporate with them, never say practicing law enforcements if there are breaking rules behind the scene.

3) OVER price: Soon you might seeing the only reasonable price left in the hypermarkets are those products manufactured by themselves.

When 3 issues i mentioned became reality, what will happen to our country's economy? What will happen to us? I'm seriously need your comment or perhaps correct me if i'm wrong as i'm not really doing research on the topic - economy.

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